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  • Longest brunch in the world

    I’ve clearly been exercising too much, because I woke today a broken man, incapable of much more than going out and eating pancakes and a revoltingly bad smoothie at Kith cafe (bananas, espresso, chocolate and digestive biscuits are all good things, but not at the same time). Then I reached out to my friend from […]

  • More transport frustrations

    We went to meet a friend for brunch today over in the East Coast. I had an ulterior motive; I wanted to visit the skate shop over there to see about getting a replacement for my scooter. To get there, I booked a car through Grab. On the app, I could see the car was […]

  • Against sleep

    We had a fairly placid Saturday; La Serpiente lay next to me for an hour and watched cat videos, then we went out to brunch and then came back so the girls could roll toy cars down ramps near our apartment. I thought after that excitement both girls would nap, but Destroyer failed to sleep, […]

  • Are you not entertained?

    This morning we went out for brunch at Super Loco again. At least I thought we were, but my wife had other plans, taking me further down the river to the Kith Cafe. Whereas Super Loco has interior seating and toast, Kith Cafe has no seats inside, just a tiny counter, a sign of cunning […]

  • Late brunch, early to bed

    We were meeting friends for brunch at 11 at Super Loco, and rushed over there after a slow start to the morning. Our friends ended up not arriving for an hour, by which time we’d fed the girls a bowl of noodles each, I’d inhaled a portion of elotes and was well on the way […]

  • The Laziness Of The Long Distance Runner

    Today I went back to MacRitchie Reservoir for an early morning run. It’s been a while since I ran there: there’s a bug on the Garmin website right now which means I can’t search it, but Strava thinks I haven’t run around MacRitchie since October of 2014. Which I suppose could be possible, as in […]

  • Epicurious

    After a comparatively big night out, this morning I cycled over to Robertson Quay for brunch at Epicurious. You can’t reserve a table there, and it gets rammed later on, so we had our meal at the early time of 10:30. That’s early if you’re young, childless and pounding the beers till 3am, or late […]

  • Hot Relish

    We met friends for brunch at Relish, a restaurant over the road from the Botanic Gardens. There was no brunch. Ordinarily, this would make no odds to me. Brunch, that odd portmanteau of breakfast and lunch that’s really a waste of two opportunities to have breakfast, has never been my favourite meal. It doesn’t make […]