Late brunch, early to bed

We were meeting friends for brunch at 11 at Super Loco, and rushed over there after a slow start to the morning. Our friends ended up not arriving for an hour, by which time we’d fed the girls a bowl of noodles each, I’d inhaled a portion of elotes and was well on the way to polishing off a plate of huevos divorciados. (I don’t know why fried eggs with salsa counts as grounds for divorce – blame those crazy Mexicans…)

Because of the inviolate Law of Naptime, both children were going bongo-crazy by midday, so shortly after we’d all convened for lunch we had to hightail it out of there in a taxi. La Serpiente went to sleep fairly easily, I think. I woke up on her floor, drool all down my face, then shambled next door to take an hour’s nap.

In the afternoon I had hoped to go to the National Gallery, but instead my wife put me to work disassembling furniture. Destroyer has never slept in her cot in a year and a half, so it’s going to get sold off online and we’ll finally have our bedroom clear of superfluous junk, for the first time in the 18+ months we’ve lived here.

It’s hard to put furniture together with small children around, and worse to take it apart, afeared you might drop part of a bed on one of them. I locked myself away, put DMX on as loud as possible while I mucked about with Allen keys, then took everyone out for ice cream.

This didn’t placate La Serpiente, who still took most of an hour to go to sleep tonight – constant demands for cuddles, for more stories, for me to untangle her sleep sack – when I wanted to lie on the floor and doze again. At nine o’clock I cut my losses and went out for a run. This time without a stroller, but with my watch telling me I was on the verge of death. Hopefully this week will be easier.

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