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  • Not going swimming

    Because I have a great big hole in my knee, and I’m exhausted, I didn’t go swimming tonight. Instead I sent my wife in my stead, while I handled the kids and then settled down to do very little all night. I’m a high achiever, you see.

  • Fencing and chairs

    This morning, still recovering from an evening of cheese and wine (and beer and gin and the world’s most interminable game of Settlers of Catan) I went round to our friends’ house to help dismantle the fence around their indoor pond. Explaining why their house had an indoor pond, or why the fence had to […]

  • Late brunch, early to bed

    We were meeting friends for brunch at 11 at Super Loco, and rushed over there after a slow start to the morning. Our friends ended up not arriving for an hour, by which time we’d fed the girls a bowl of noodles each, I’d inhaled a portion of elotes and was well on the way […]

  • A purple patch

    After work today, I went to the paint shop in Chinatown to get some purple paint. But the shop was shut, so I went down to HarbourFront and bought a can of purple spray paint, a big plastic sheet and some sanding sponges.

  • Red red whine

    I got about four hours sleep last night before La Serpiente woke me up, and then I couldn’t sleep for another hour or so, and then I woke on the floor of the living room, drooling into a picture of Eeyore on the kids’ playmat, while La Serpiente lay on top of me, demanding I […]

  • Bedding down

    We have a working bed again, after three years of gradual collapse. When we moved from Hong Kong to Singapore, we shipped over our large and very lovely bed. I’d bought it a few years earlier in G.O.D., Hong Kong’s designer furniture emporium, partly because my wife-to-be had pointed out there was storage in it […]

  • Burning the candle at both ends

    Some lunatic suggested we go running at 5:30 this morning, so I had to get up at five to dress, eat my breakfast and rush downstairs to make the rendezvous. There were five of us: an American chiropractor with enormous shoes who ran like a machine, an Indian friend of mine and ex-colleague who hadn’t […]

  • Moved

    We moved today, the culmination of a stressful week of packing things into boxes and shuttling back and forth between apartments. Today a team of men wearing indoor football shoes and matching tshirts arrived and grappled with all the bulky furniture and other cumbersome objects we were incapable of shifting ourselves. I didn’t have any […]

  • Secondhand beds

    Tonight I had to head over to a friend’s place far down the East Coast Parkway. He left Singapore a few months ago, suddenly, which meant there was a lot of surplus furniture in his apartment that he needed to dispose of. Because he had a swimming pool and we don’t, he’d given me the […]

  • New bed

    Today, I built Felicity’s new bed.