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  • Screaming Ab-Dabs

    Good Friday is a holiday in Singapore, but I had an 8am phone call, so my holiday didn’t really start until 9 o’clock, when I took the girls to get pancakes while my wife fled to get a few minutes alone with a cup of coffee. The children were well behaved while we were putting […]

  • Ferdinand


    Yesterday I realised that we hadn’t taken La Serpiente to the cinema at all this year, and decided to rectify this omission. There were two reasonably child-friendly films on offer: Pixar’s Coco, about a child travelling to the land of the dead, and 20th Century Fox Animation’s Ferdinand, about a very large, but quite sensitive […]

  • Daddy Daughters Day

    Each year there’s a Bring Your Child To Work Day, which translates to an afternoon of the girls running amok in the office. If it were to be an accurate depiction of my daily duties, I suppose La Serpiente would sit at my desk and make a combination of obscene gestures and awkward puns about […]

  • Other things happen

    I volunteered at the East Coast parkrun today, which I rode to on my bike. The journey there was annoying; as usual there’s a lot of roadies out there, who’ll happily sit on your tail but won’t take turns in the draft, and then zoom off at unpredictable moments just when you want them to […]

  • Great World City and a calm afternoon

    This morning we went to Great World City, another mall in Singapore that’s not very different to the rest. There’s a Toys R Us for the kids to buy branded doodads in, there’s a Cotton On to buy their clothes in, there’s a Marks & Spencer and a Typo to buy kitsch nick-nacks. We went […]

  • Hard Times At Soft Play

    Hungover and feeling battered, I considered heading out to the parkrun this morning and leaving my wife to fend for herself with the kids, but I was much too crapulent and ended up staying in bed until 8:30. Eventually I got upright and we took the children down to the local playgym, Playkeroo, a somehow […]

  • In gradual recovery

    Last night, my body falling apart in new and interesting ways, I went to bed at 10 and fell asleep almost immediately, leaving my wife with child-wrangling responsibility for the night. To be fair, that would only be La Serpiente, as Destroyer reliably sleeps through. I woke about 3am and took a while to fall […]

  • Peter Gabriel and Us

    This afternoon I played La Serpiente and Destroyer some Peter Gabriel. All his best tunes aren’t on Spotify but the videos are on YouTube, so they got to see the utter wierdness/dreadful early 90s CGI that accompanied Steam, along with the no-less-inspired oddness of Sledgehammer. Both my daughters were transfixed by the sights that flickered […]

  • Unexpected driving criticism

    Ten miles outside of Bellingham, La Serpiente vomited everywhere.

  • Trolls

    This morning I took La Serpiente Aquatica Negra to see Trolls, a film for kids. This was part of Daddy-Daughter-Day; next week I’m going to be at a conference from Monday to Thursday and won’t be able to take her to school (or see her in many of the evenings) so we thought I’d maximise […]