In gradual recovery

Last night, my body falling apart in new and interesting ways, I went to bed at 10 and fell asleep almost immediately, leaving my wife with child-wrangling responsibility for the night. To be fair, that would only be La Serpiente, as Destroyer reliably sleeps through. I woke about 3am and took a while to fall asleep again, but at 7 I woke feeling rested, my body not aching, my head not throbbing, my stomach not contra-props ring. Life was good. 

I don’t get a night off like that every night, mores the pity, but after the low spot of the last few weeks of slow collapse, this really pepped me up. I took La Serpiente to school, went to the office, gave somebody an interview, ploughed through meeting after meeting and didn’t even need to pause for coffee until 3 in the afternoon. 

(Actually, the coffee was a bad idea. By six it was haunting me like the vindictive ghost of Mistakes Past.)

When I got home, La Serpiente was copacetic. Destroyer has being having a funny few days where she can’t stand the sight of me, so when my wife went out to the shops she had a meltdown.  We’ve bonded since then by me playing Forza on the Xbox and talking to her about the racing tactics to employ – I’m not sure if she’s convinced about my gung-ho cornering methods, but who is she to criticise me, eh?

I felt so good I even got out for a run tonight​, five 2 minute sprints up our nearest hill. I’m not sure that will be good preparation for a marathon where the course looks like a large intestine with a harpoon through it, but let’s wait and see. 

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  1. New word for the day – hardly if ever used in British English – “copacetic: a happy state of being that James Foreman and new fathers can rarely experience”. Can you do a vlog of your Marathon?

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