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  • In gradual recovery

    Last night, my body falling apart in new and interesting ways, I went to bed at 10 and fell asleep almost immediately, leaving my wife with child-wrangling responsibility for the night. To be fair, that would only be La Serpiente, as Destroyer reliably sleeps through. I woke about 3am and took a while to fall […]

  • Dance Central

    Tonight we played Dance Central together, while our baby slept blissfully. It’s probably just as well that she’s asleep; she’s much too young to see her father "dancing".

  • Sweat, rain, etc

    I awoke at 5:30 this morning, in the middle of a rainstorm. Singapore is very organised, so if it rains in the morning then it seldom rains again that day, but frankly I’d have preferred not to miss out on any of that lovely sleep that I’d been hankering for. The rain wouldn’t let up […]