It’s strange how quickly you get accustomed to things. After my wife dropped the family iPad and the screen shattered, we carried on using our ghetto tablet, but it was only today, after we paid a repair shop in a local mall and got the glass replaced, that I realized how nice it is to have a clear screen to look at, one devoid of cracks that look like they could slash your fingertips to ribbons.

Likewise, after a week of bunged up ears and deafness brought on by our flights, I began to feel that I’d never hear properly again. It’s nice to be able to walk down the street and not have rumblings and squirtings from your Eustachian tubes interrupt your thoughts, it’s great to take part in conversations and not just stare dumbly as people talk at you, it’s wonderful to not have a skull that’s filled mostly with mucus.

Sadly, while I could go to the same place to get the iPad resurfaced and also get a broken hard drive that’s been lingering in a drawer since 2012 repaired, I haven’t found a place to get all the problems with my body solved. My ears are back to normal, but an unexpected consequence of the Hand Foot & Mouth Disease from four weeks ago is that my hands and feet are now falling apart. Apparently it’s quite normal that a month after the initial pain, the surface of the affected parts falls off, but my perpetually chuckling doctor never mentioned this, and once again holding things or walking is agony.

Thus this weekend I’ve not been at my best, and this has coincided with my wife’s hacking cough and my daughter going through a crabby phase. If only all three of us could be dealt with by a man with a magnetized screwdriver and some sheets of transparent sticky-backed plastic.

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