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  • Painful Friday Night

    I got home this evening with stiff, sore shoulders and I thought the remedy for this would be to go and have a relaxing massage. Instead, I went and had a massage. I went to the Imperial Apple Spa, which is just a few streets away from our flat, and seems to have been named […]

  • Repairs

    It’s strange how quickly you get accustomed to things. After my wife dropped the family iPad and the screen shattered, we carried on using our ghetto tablet, but it was only today, after we paid a repair shop in a local mall and got the glass replaced, that I realized how nice it is to […]

  • Too big for your boots

    Two things that never stop growing are your ears and your nose. Apparently. That’s why old people have enormous conks and ears, despite pictures from the olden days showing only people with normal shaped faces. I’m not sure how much to believe this. There may be some documentary evidence to suggest that young people a […]