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  • Resolutions for 2022

    Fashionably late this year, here’s some things to try to achieve: Do better at Blood Bowl, but don’t focus on just winning all the time. In 2021, I played 165 matches: 39 wins, 37 draws, and 89 losses. I’d like to get my lose rate below 50%, but that’s also dependent on a lot (like, […]

  • Resolutions for 2021

    After looking at my last year’s performance, this year I’m thinking more about continuity and consistency. I didn’t do enough to track some of my resolutions last year, and I think being more focussed on that might pay dividends when we get to looking at the results in a year’s time. Some things I need […]

  • Another achievement unlocked

    I had a training session at Boulder Movement today. I also felt pretty grotty because last night I’d stayed up until 1am, and the previous night until 2am, reading a book, and then this morning I’d been woken by La Serpiente at 6 to tell me that Destroyer had wet the bed, so all in […]

  • Swimming Lesson #46

    After a week off, I didn’t think I’d forget much, but for my lesson yesterday it turned out I’d forgotten two things. First, I’d forgotten about kicking my feet lightly near the surface, and second, I’d forgotten about bringing my arms to either side of the axis running from head to foot, rather than crossing. 

  • Progress report

    I’ve been tracking my sleep since I got back to Singapore and located my Garmin watch. If it hadn’t been for that epically bad night’s sleep on Saturday night/Sunday morning then I’d probably be right on the money for my 7-hours-per-night resolution. On the other hand, so far I’m 100% on walking the girls to […]

  • Resolutions for 2019

    Every year I make some resolutions, and sometimes they stick and sometimes they don’t. (2014: 20% success rate, 2015: 0% success rate. 2016: at best, 33%, 2017: 50% 2018: 37.5%) In line with what I wrote about 2018, there’s two themes i’ll explore with the next batch of resolutions: coherency and consistency. Coherency: if I […]

  • Resolutions – end of 2018

    And so we get to the end of the year, and it’s time to see how I did. Read more: Here’s a list of every book I read in 2018. Half way through the year I’d only read 17 books, so my pace accelerated in the second half (I read a total of 38 books), […]

  • Resolutions – Q1 Progress

    Last night I went to see Ready Player One, which was fun, but ephemeral, basically cultural necrophilia on an industrial scale, and also a film that many people thought was suitable for an eight year old child (“because it’s about computer games”) cueing up various weeping fits from the younger members of the audience when […]

  • Resolutions for 2018

    I don’t think I remembered to check my resolutions last year, so it’s a slight mystery as to how many I achieved and how many I missed – I haven’t had a great success rate over the last few years. So before I do that, I’ll list out what I’m planning on for this year: […]

  • Daze without sugar

    I cut added sugar out of my diet yesterday, after stopping drinking coffee a week ago. It’s only been by cutting sugary food out completely that I’ve become aware of how much there is to eat at the office. There’s the inexhaustible supply of chocolate in the microkitchen. There’s the gorgeous little doughnuts served up […]