Resolutions – end of 2018

And so we get to the end of the year, and it’s time to see how I did.

Read more: Here’s a list of every book I read in 2018. Half way through the year I’d only read 17 books, so my pace accelerated in the second half (I read a total of 38 books), or maybe it was accounting irregularities (in the first half of the year, I counted The Grey Knights Omnibus as one book, because physically that’s what it was, but I’m now counting it as three because it contains three separate novels. However, technically speaking I did read more, because 38 > 35.
Learn to juggle: No real progress here. I get the balls out from time to time and chuck them around a bit, but I haven’t got much better compared to three or six months ago.
Stand on my head: That went south fast. Blame it on distractions like a possibly wrecked knee and getting over my kidney stone. At least I managed to get climbing again before the year ended.
Be able to swim a few lengths of the pool: With a bit of extra work at my friends’ condo, I can now swim 10 lengths of a 25 metre pool. OK, I need to rest for 90 seconds between each length, but compared to being able to swim 40 metres in total, I feel I’ve bashed this one quite successfully.
Get to parkrun again: Let’s just call 2018 my year of resting from running, and we can be done with it, ok?
Fix my plantar fascitis and not have terrible things happen to my neck. (And have better posture).: Well, my plantar fascitis really isn’t bothering me any more, and I haven’t had bad things happen to my neck. Not being able to walk properly because I bashed up my knee and had a terrible IT band? Not so wonderful. Let’s call this 50-50.
Acquire 100,000 Instagram followers: Nothing going on there. So much for joke resolutions.
Write the first draft of my novel: High on opiates, I wrote one chapter of a novel this year. I’m too scared to look at it.
Walk my kids to school every day that I’m in Singapore: Missed one day this year, so I think I can claim this as pretty much 100% successful.
Remember all my friends’ birthdays and do something for each of them: I’ve been a real let-down on this one. Perhaps next year will be better.
Figure out our long term escape plan from Singapore – where are we going, and when?: I think I have this in hand, but like Wittgenstein, “that of which we cannot speak, we must remain silent”. For now…

So in total, that’s 4.5 out of 12. Assuming I don’t just set myself these resolutions out of a masochistic desire to see myself fail, I need to consider why I didn’t get more of them done this year.

Some of them conflict. When I was spending all my leisure time after work climbing, that cut into the time I had available for reading. And sleeping. And juggling. And so on. It’s unsurprising that I was reading books at a much higher rate in December when I couldn’t exercise (even it it was when I was getting drunk at office parties, again curtailing my time) than earlier in the year.

Some of them rely too much on other people: 100,000 Instagram followers is a classic example of this.

Some of them were a bit too vague: being healthier – is it a success if I don’t have to go to the physio this year, or is that ok because I was going to get my injured knee sorted out, rather than my foot?

Were there things there i put down because I thought I should, rather than because I wanted to?

Finally, I don’t think there was a definite theme to my resolutions (what kind of books would I read in 2018? Turned out to be a real mish-mash, both when I started and when I finished) either in the microcosm (what does read more books mean?) or the macro – things didn’t really hang together.

So, for 2019 I’m looking to focus on consistency in my resolutions – aim for things where I have a good, robust structure in my life, which should also support coherency; my resolutions should reinforce and help one another, not just a laundry list of random aspirations.

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