Books I read in 2018

One of my resolutions was to read 52 books this year.  At the start of the year I made a list which I forgot about until just now, which goes to show how good lists are. Here’s what I read:

Apes A-Go-Go

Altered Carbon

Sammy and the Pecan Pie

The Indoor Climbing Manual


Death Grip

The Grey Knights Omnibus

The Philosopher And The Wolf


The Necromancer’s House

Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me

Voice Of The Whirlwind

Soul Hunter

The Talon Of Horus

Deep State


The Wallcreeper

Forever And A Day

Blood Bowl – the novel

The World According To Danny Dyer

Dead Ball

Death Bowl / Rumble In The Jungle

Welcome To Paradise – Now Go To Hell

Big Game


Dark Imperium
Dark Imperium: Plague War
The Emperor’s Gift
Next Man Up
The Russian Debutante’s Handbook
Horus Rising
False Gods
Galaxy In Flames
The Flight Of The Eisenstein
A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport
Death On The Pitch

What’s interesting is which ones stuck with me. Some of these I don’t remember at all, some I remember now I look at the list, and some I remembered without looking. This seems quite orthogonal to quality or enjoyment.

I thought I’d read more than last year. Counting the Grey Knights Omnibus as 3, that makes 36 books. Which is only one more than last year, which I find a little surprising and confusing. A few hours left to get closer to the mythical 52…


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