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  • 2022 status update

    I hadn’t realized until I checked that I only made 5 resolutions last year: get better at Blood Bowl (slightly successful), run at least 2 5ks (successful), read all the books we have before buying new ones (abject failure), keep my Invisalign in (I think that’s worked) and exercise better (who can say?). Then […]

  • Resolutions for 2021

    After looking at my last year’s performance, this year I’m thinking more about continuity and consistency. I didn’t do enough to track some of my resolutions last year, and I think being more focussed on that might pay dividends when we get to looking at the results in a year’s time. Some things I need […]

  • Resolutions for 2020 – results

    I made ten resolutions for 2020, back in a different reality, before covid hit. I started last year incapacitated with an ear infection, and honestly the year didn’t really get that much better before it got worse. On the other hand, I finished my MBA, we bought a car, we refinanced the house, saving more […]

  • Resolutions for 2020

    For 2020, I’d like to be kinder. I’d like to half-ass less things, and complete more. As it seemed that slightly less is more (10 resolutions in 2019 that got stuck to more than previous years) again, a reduced, focussed set seems necessary: Learn to play the banjo. Help the community in some way. Given […]

  • Resolutions – H1 Progress

    So I missed writing about my resolutions on the last day of June, but then I should have been concentrating on my daughter’s birthday anyway. So now, as the sun goes down in Seattle, it’s time to take stock of progress so far. Reading Well, one thing I’ve managed this year is to read a […]

  • A quick check-in

    A quarter of the way through the year is probably a good time to review where we are with our resolutions. Reading – I’ve not read any of the 12 serious books I identified. Oops. But I’ve read quite a few books this year. More than the 6 I need to keep on track… Writing – […]

  • Progress on resolutions, January 2019

    So we’re at the end of the month, and I learned a bit more today about freestyle (partly that I forgot everything I was told from last week’s lesson until I was reminded about it) but I’ll write that up tomorrow. For now, a quick review of progress so far for this year’s resolutions:

  • Getting to the top of it

    This afternoon I went to Boulder Movement to climb for an hour, feeling that I’ve not been getting enough exercise this week. I attempted a few easy routes, warming up, and then some more difficult ones. I seem to spend a lot of time watching other people, then attempting what they made look easy, and […]

  • Books to read in 2019

    Twelve serious books about leadership, management and business The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work  Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion Made To Stick: Why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck Thinking, Fast and Slow Quiet Creativity, Inc This is about Pixar. I think I saw the […]

  • Resolutions for 2019

    Every year I make some resolutions, and sometimes they stick and sometimes they don’t. (2014: 20% success rate, 2015: 0% success rate. 2016: at best, 33%, 2017: 50% 2018: 37.5%) In line with what I wrote about 2018, there’s two themes i’ll explore with the next batch of resolutions: coherency and consistency. Coherency: if I […]