A quick check-in

A quarter of the way through the year is probably a good time to review where we are with our resolutions.

  • Reading – I’ve not read any of the 12 serious books I identified. Oops. But I’ve read quite a few books this year. More than the 6 I need to keep on track…
  • Writing – I’ve been fairly good at writing every day. But because of an annoying bug I need to fix, the automatic email-to-post on my blog is currently broken, so I’m not updating cushtie.com on a daily basis. This really nags at me.
  • Sleeping – not great, not dreadful. I’ve been tracking this most days since the start of the year, and I’m averaging 6 hours and 24 minutes per night. If you add on the hour or so I spend asleep every night when I put the girls down, that’s probably doing alright.
  • Play more Blood Bowl – a resounding success, I think. Whether it was 7 games in one weekend when I went to Perth for the Western Australia Open, or playing 31 games in 31 days online in January, I’ve managed to hammer out a lot of games this quarter. I even got to tutor somebody I’ve never met through their first game, and lost several matches to Destroyer. Speaking of losses, my win ratio is getting worse (I’ve lost 90% of the games I’ve played online in the last month) so I’m going to try to concentrate a bit more on quality for the rest of the year. But onwards, ever onwards.
  • Swimming – this has been going great. Not quite at 100m in one go yet, but I can do about 40 without a break, and I think a little more effort will get me to 50, as long as I remain consistent.
  • Climbing – smashing this one. I was hoping to recover to my pre-injury level. Instead, I’ve gone up a bit, and I’m now regularly attempting routes I would never have countenanced before, ‘because they’re too hard’. So very happy there.
  • General fitness – not so great. I don’t have a regular routine (apart from climbing) but I did manage my 50th parkrun. And haven’t run again since, apart from to catch a bus. But no signs of plantar fascitis right now.
  • Maintain routine with the children – pancakes. Lots of pancakes. But more importantly, every day I’ve been in Singapore so far this year, I’ve taken my girls to school. Well, on days that school is open, obviously.
  • Juggling – I’m getting better. Still not fully competent, and I really need to pay attention to my juggling course that I purchased, but I can now reliably get three balls in the air for a few seconds. Steady progress at last?
  • Diet / nutrition – not so great on avoiding snacks (42% of the time). But I’ve stuck to only one coffee a day 89% of the year so far. Surely I can get this higher by the end of 2019.
  • More writing – nothing on this. So that’s a hard failure so far.

So overall, for a change I’m very happy with where I’ve got to. 7 are solid successes, 1 is a complete wash-out, 3 have room for improvement. Not bad at all, compared to previous years! Now why did I end up with 11 resolutions?

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