Resolutions for 2021

After looking at my last year’s performance, this year I’m thinking more about continuity and consistency. I didn’t do enough to track some of my resolutions last year, and I think being more focussed on that might pay dividends when we get to looking at the results in a year’s time. Some things I need to be more ruthless in cutting away, and some things I should think about finishing properly.

  • Track progress on resolutions properly – that means having a spreadsheet I keep up to date with progress, and checking these at least every month
  • Blog consistently – sometimes this year, it really does feel like I was just trying to fill in a few words, rather than add something meaningful to the universe. For this year, I want to be starting my blog before 10pm every night, rather than bingeing on YouTube/Reddit/some other guff and panicking when it’s past midnight.
  • Sleep – try to make eight hours of sleep possible every night – so be in bed by 11, rather than thinking about turning in at midnight.
  • Exercise better – and we should quantify this:
    • swim at least once per month. I have a gym membership, and it’s one of the few things not prohibited by the pandemic and we have a car, so I don’t have a big obstacle to getting to the pool any more
    • do pull ups every day. My plan is to do 31 on the 31st of January, and then maintain at least 20 pull ups per day for the rest of the year. I should also be doing leg raises and other things that my exercise tower gives me the ability to do
    • start running again – do a 25 minute 5k in Q1, and then get a minute better every quarter. Run at least 3 times per week
    • get down to 80 kilograms. If I hadn’t chubbed out at the end of the year, maybe we would have achieved it, but we probably wouldn’t have – running is important
  • Play the banjo and juggle, at least every week
  • Floss every morning
  • Get better at Blood Bowl – up to now, I’ve played 889 games on Fumbbl. I’ve never conceded a game, and I’ve won 154, drawn 149 and lost 586. That’s a 17% win rate, and a 66% lose rate. I want the lose rate to go down, the win rate to go up. Last year I played on average more than once per day – perhaps volume didn’t help so much. I’ll also be trying to write up some of the things I’ve learned here, to ensure I’m codifying my learnings. With the rules having a major overhaul this year, perhaps everything is changing anyway…
  • Read all the books we have, before buying any more
  • Paint all the miniatures I have, before buying any more
  • Be good, be kind
    • Don’t lose my rag with the kids when they’re being janky and I’m tired
    • Do more to help the homeless community in Seattle (turning up once a week and donating food is helpful, but it doesn’t scale, or solve long term issues)

There, that’s 10. Let’s see how this goes…

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