Resolutions for 2022

Fashionably late this year, here’s some things to try to achieve:

  • Do better at Blood Bowl, but don’t focus on just winning all the time. In 2021, I played 165 matches: 39 wins, 37 draws, and 89 losses. I’d like to get my lose rate below 50%, but that’s also dependent on a lot (like, for example, the strange choices of teams I take, the strength of opponents, the silliness of setting goals like this…) So far in 2022 it’s not been going too well: 3 wins, 1 draw and 8 losses. But the year is young.
  • Stick to it with Invisalign I knew going into it that this would be a bit of a commitment, but it’s not until you’re wearing aligners for 20+ hours of the day and can’t snack on chips and cake like you used to that it becomes a real thing. My hope is to exit the year with teeth complete, having complied with the instructions and getting my gnashers as lined up as they’re meant to be.
  • Exercise better
    • I was going great on my VR workouts until we moved into this AirBnB with a low ceiling. Goal is to get back to working out 5 times a week in another world, and increasing the length of sessions to 30 minutes. Oh, and being able to do the ‘Flow’ sessions as well as the boxing ones that I love.
    • Run a 5k twice this year. I really enjoyed the 5k I did at Thanksgiving, I’ve bought new shoes, but … if you don’t get out and do it, you don’t do anything
    • Climb more. It feels like ages since I got to the wall.
  • Read all the books we have, before buying more
  • Don’t buy more books until you’ve exhausted options at the library; get to a point where we don’t have a huge balance on credit cards every month because we’re not buying unnecessary things

That’s five. That’s half the list we had last year – brevity is the soul of wit, right?

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  1. I really admire your thoughtfulness in compiling this list. Are you looking for a 50% overall success rate ?

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