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  • Do you miss me that much, Mr Zuckerberg?

    I’ve logged into Facebook twice so far this year: once to tell everyone I wasn’t going to be checking Facebook this month, and once when my phone alerted me that I had a message and it was something I felt guilty about not responding to. Like a clingy ex, Facebook keeps emailing me to tell […]

  • Resolutions for 2014

    After a day of feeling crapulent after staying up until 2am drinking to see in the New Year, it’s time to review my resolutions from a year ago and come up with some for this year.

  • 50 km done

    Back in October, I set out several resolutions to try to follow for the last quarter of the year. One of them was to be running 50 kilometres per week by the end of 2013. Last week I ran 4.68 kilometres. That’s not generally known as having a good base of aerobic fitness. Since this […]

  • Resolutions for the rest of 2013

    Last night I couldn’t sleep until 2am, which meant that I spent the day feeling like I had a head full of sand, incapable of concentrating for long on any complex tasks, baffled and confused by the world around me. My wife and child fetched me away from the office at six, and took me […]

  • How late it was, how late…

    Today was sort of productive. Yesterday I was fairly exhausted, or perhaps ruined by staying up too late to watch the second Star Trek film, but today I’d had a full night’s sleep and should have been full of energy.

  • No room in the fridge

    My wife continues to bake; with the help of everyone at the office, we made it through half the cookies from last night, but there are still the other two dozen, along with a roasted raspberry bake and a pasta dish two of our friends very kindly brought round. There’s almost no space in the […]