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  • Swimming Lesson #45

    For the first half of the lesson, we just worked on kicking. Usually I warm up with two lengths of just kicking, and I always dread it – it’s much more exhausting than either using just your arms, or your arms and legs. Yet today, we were going to do oodles of legs only. 

  • Swimming Lesson #44

    I had my first swimming lesson in a month today, and so my coach went easy on me. While the pool steamed as rain fell on the hot water of the pool, I did a couple of laps of freestyle, a couple of backstroke and a couple of breaststroke. [more] Maybe the rest had done me some […]

  • Bendy pools

    Tonight I went for a swim in the pool at the Le Meriden. I forget how many times I’ve stayed here now, but this is my first time in the pool. It was with some trepidation that I got in the pool, watching the huge lightning storm on the horizon.

  • Swimming Lesson #43

    Today I did half an hour of freestyle, wherein I kicked a bit too much and was probably showing how tired I was (up late last night prepping my facial hair for tonight’s party) and then we did some backstroke (which I’m better at than freestyle because it involves lying down, and then some butterfly.

  • Swimming Lesson #42

    It’s weird. I had a solid 9 hours of sleep and yet I still woke up feeling sluggish this morning, and after a day at work I didn’t really feel like any exercise, but I still forced myself to get a taxi to the swimming pool. As I got changed, it began to rain, and […]

  • Swimming Lesson #41

    Well, it’s been far too long, but finally I got back in the pool at Swish, a pool that now feels much too warm, which shows I’ve quickly grown accustomed to the regular temperature water at my friends’ place.

  • Some more nocturnal swimming

    After work, I went swimming again. This time I was planning on eight lengths, to exceed last night. I figured maybe I’d not been giving myself enough recovery last time, so from the first length onward, after I’d reached the end, I’d duck my head underwater to exhale three times, wait until 90 seconds had […]

  • Swimming – slight return

    After work today I went back to my friends’ condo, and with the pass card they’d lent me, went to the pool. The sun was setting and the sky turning pink, and the water felt cold as I eased myself in. I began my planned six laps.

  • Back to fitness

    I went swimming at a friend’s condo pool this morning, the first time I can remember swimming since I went to Seattle at the start of October. Predictably, it was hard; I managed six lengths of a 25 metre pool, twice coming to a grinding halt before I even completed a length. But after so […]

  • Swimming Lesson #40

    Because my wife is going to be away until Tuesday, today was my last chance to get some exercise. I haven’t done my pull ups since Sunday, so at lunchtime I rushed over to Boulder Movement and cranked out 30. This was pretty brutal: I managed to do sets of 5 with a 90 second […]