Some more nocturnal swimming

After work, I went swimming again. This time I was planning on eight lengths, to exceed last night. I figured maybe I’d not been giving myself enough recovery last time, so from the first length onward, after I’d reached the end, I’d duck my head underwater to exhale three times, wait until 90 seconds had passed, then swam back again.
I was slower than last night; most lengths took me around 50 seconds or more. After a lap or so I realised I wasn’t turning my torso enough, so I worked on that, along with trying to avoid kicking, and trying to not bring my head up too high when I breathed in. (The trick there is to try to lean your head on the shoulder of your outstretched arm and then look backwards: I managed this some of the time.

Still, I have been better able to manage my energy. Last night I fell short at least once; tonight, I could complete every lap without stopping. During one, I inhaled underwater, began to cough and splutter, then recovered myself and swam to the end.

I’ve had to adjust. Sometimes I can cope with breathing once every four strokes, but as I tire I have to reduce this to every other stroke. With my right arm stronger than my left I still tend to veer across the pool, and I don’t always manage to keep my legs up. But I managed well enough tonight. I’ll rest tomorrow, and then go to my lesson on Thursday nice and fresh.

Now, to bed.

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