Bendy pools

Tonight I went for a swim in the pool at the Le Meriden. I forget how many times I’ve stayed here now, but this is my first time in the pool. It was with some trepidation that I got in the pool, watching the huge lightning storm on the horizon.
The pool is a series of large lobes, connected by a sinuous curving trench, about eight feet wide. I’m used to swimming in a straight line, rectinlinearly propagating myself through the water. When the pool is curving around, and you’re not great at steering yourself in the water anyway (I tend to list to the right) it’s offputting to find yourself colliding with the walls, or with some bloke swimming towards you.

Plus, I was cold and a bit sluggish after another whole day of work. I guess I should have gone to the pool at six and approached it slowly, rather than a mad charge into it at 8 when I was tired and making up for lost time.

As a result, after less than ten minutes I was hauling myself out and heading to get changed back into my regular clothes. I had an appointment with pizza that I didn’t want to miss.

I had also forgotten that when I swim, water goes up my nose, and as what goes up must come down, I spend the next hour sneezing or contending with blocked sinuses. So it was today, with me trying to order pizza and mumbling through my obscured nose. It got so bad I had to rush off to the restroom and blow my nose for five minutes until it was possible for me to hear and smell and speak again.

After that, the meal proceeded well; the Le Meriden is blessed with a very good Italian restaurant, although perhaps I shouldn’t have tried to eat an entire pizza by myself. How will I ever learn?


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