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  • Swimming Lesson #10

    Today was my tenth swimming lesson at Swish; it gives me pause to think how I’ve progressed from being incapable of submerging my face, to being quite happy as I slowly sink towards the bottom of the pool as I empty my lungs. Well, it is peaceful down there. Today we concentrated mostly on my […]

  • Off track

    I ran to the National Stadium track today to do a run at race pace. I’m only aiming for 3:30 for the Bagan Marathon, which equates to 2 minute laps at the track (except track pace is probably faster than real life pace, especially if Bagan is all sand) but given how out of training […]

  • Day 4 of 4

    After yesterday’s beatific performance, today wasn’t so great. Maybe it was because I couldn’t sleep until 2 in the morning, just when Destroyer came in to see me in some distress, and we slept in her room for the rest of the night. Or perhaps it was that she’d grown tired of me after three […]

  • A lovely Sunday

    Destroyer slept in til 9:25 today, two hours later than yesterday. She came in and woke me up, and then a few minutes later a friend called to see if I’d go for breakfast over the road. So, remembering how sad I’d been for the last two days not to see anyone, I rushed downstairs […]

  • Halfway point

    My wife and La Serpiente have now been away in Tokyo for two days, and Destroyer is now asleep once more, so there’s just two days to go before I can be irresponsible again. Yesterday, I placated Destroyer’s demands by letting her watch Frozen as much as she wanted. I learned two hard lessons: “as […]

  • Swimming Lesson #9

    Today was a pleasant, sunny day, although I didn’t have a very good breakfast (heavy on croissants, light on good quality protein) and I was probably still knackered from yesterday, so I was far too susceptible to snacking. But the good news what that it didn’t rain, so there was no struggle getting a car […]

  • A morning out

    This morning was Family Day for La Serpiente’s school, and to celebrate it they had a charity morning, where the children went to an HDB estate in Ang Mo Kio to give out food parcels. Of course, if your Masters thesis was on the immorality of charity you might struggle a bit with this, and […]

  • In the morning

    Predictably enough, after we put Destroyer to bed last night she came into our room at 2 in the morning, followed by La Serpiente at 4 in the morning, and nobody woke up until 8 in the morning, and there was rain in the morning. Alive, alive-o. This evening, our resolve hardened, we tried to […]

  • A breakthrough

    Last night, when Destroyer wouldn’t stop screaming at me at bedtime, I sang the first line of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” and she stopped screaming immediately. She did then spend an hour explaining the plot of Frozen in a combination of hand gestures and burbling (“blob blib breakfast walls hurray blib blob […]

  • Lovecraft Country

    This week I read Lovecraft Country, a book with a Lovecraftian bent, although it was more the Lovecraft of The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward, crossed with the Horror at Red Hook, than The Call Of Cthulhu or The Colour Out Of Space. I picked it up at random from the “fresh returns” section at […]