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  • Eaely to rise, fairly late to bed

    Today La Serpiente demanded to wear her raincoat to school, a somewhat quixotic choice, given it’s designed for the cold rains of England, not the tropics. Still, by careful use of air conditioned spaces we made it to her school without her fainting from the heat, and a general lack of lollygagging meant she got […]

  • Yet more sleep deprivation

    I couldn’t sleep last night, tossing and turning until 1am, and then woken by a crying child at 2, or at 5:30, or I don’t know quite when. I just remember waking up on Destroyer’s bed at 7:15, desperate to go back to sleep, and not being able to because I had an early morning […]

  • Brain fade

    I slept well this evening. Mainly because I fell asleep next to La Serpiente at 8:20 and didn’t wake up for an hour. I crawled groggily from her room just as my wife exited Destroyer’s room. She went to do the dishes and I fiddled around with some code where I’d spent all day failing […]

  • Not Swimming Lesson #1

    Tonight I didn’t go swimming, and I was still so tired that I fell asleep on Destroyer’s bed before she did, which suggests that maybe it’s not swimming that knackers me out, it’s Thursdays. That’s aggravating because I don’t reasonably expect to improve at Thursdays, so all those lessons may be for naught, but it’s […]

  • Early night

    La Serpiente was very tired when I got home tonight, and howled with unhappiness when I told her I would be away on a work trip. “No, you can’t go on holiday” she wailed at me, before my wife pointed out work trips aren’t holidays. It’s nice to get backed up on this. Her fatigue […]

  • Not drinking gin

    After work I ran to the National Stadium, but somehow took a wrong turning and went out of my way by most of a mile, which wouldn’t be so odd if I hadn’t been running the same route so often for the last six months. When I got to the track, I had to run […]

  • Game of Thrones Season 2

    Tonight we finished watching the second season of Game of Thrones. The penultimate episode was almost comic in the number of decapitations, people getting masonry dropped on their head or their legs being chopped off with axes. Not to mention bright green wildfire (Wildfire was also the name of a Germanic pizza chain in Hong […]

  • Tennis

    This morning, still crapulent from last night’s gin and stinking mightily, I took a taxi over to a friend’s condo in the East Coast. We were going to have a game of tennis; he’d played a game last year and I’d last played for an hour in Malaysia in 2015, and since then my tennis […]

  • Quiet night in

    I was a ruin today, sleeping in until 9, then still exhausted and needing to nap in the afternoon. But come nightfall, when the kids were asleep and friends came round to visit, and we cracked open two different bottles of gin (Sipsmith sloe gin and Margaret River botanical) I finally felt alive again. We […]

  • Bayesians and frequentists

    Yesterday I had a training session on Bayesian vs frequentist models of probability, and one of the analogies they gave was that everyone thinks they’re a frequentist but behaves like a Bayesian. One example is that when you look for your keys in your apartment, you look in the places you expect them to be […]