Eaely to rise, fairly late to bed

Today La Serpiente demanded to wear her raincoat to school, a somewhat quixotic choice, given it’s designed for the cold rains of England, not the tropics. Still, by careful use of air conditioned spaces we made it to her school without her fainting from the heat, and a general lack of lollygagging meant she got a pain au chocolat to eat into the bargain. Getting her to take off her coat was hard, but that done I climbed aboard a rental bicycle and went to the station. It never rained.

This evening, I got home early (I had a meeting over the road from our flat) and everyone else was out, so I made the most of the opportunity by … checking emails. It certainly is an exciting life that I lead.

This evening though, after Destroyer had curled up and gone to sleep in my armpit, I got myself out for a run, the first since my abortive attempt on Saturday. I only made two miles, but I’m being cautious; I was only at the physio yesterday, after all, and not ready to undo all the hard work immediately. Even so, my legs were incredibly sore when I got home. Today, two miles. Tomorrow, swimming (and I’d forgotten to launder my swimming gear since Vietnam) and then fifty miles after that, I suppose. That will ease me back in gently.

Last night I could only sleep on the sofa, and only for a few hours (early morning phone calls are the worstest). Tonight, I sleep.

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