Chaos Cup- results or aftermath

The final standings for the Chaos Cup came out today – I placed 73rd, out of 160 coaches, which is the best I’ve ever done. I was pretty pleased with that.

Looking at the results, my choice of taking Bomber Dribblesnot was borne out – he was the most popular choice of star player, and if I’d run into him he could have done my team a lot of damage. Better to have him and not have to worry about anyone else having him…

I flew to San Francisco today, not recovered from our long flight home, and when I got to the hotel (traveling by BART rather than Uber as it was a twelfth of the price and much more comfortable) I fell asleep, an uneasy doze while I thought about the last match and how to have done it better.

Then out for dinner (tapas) in the freezing cold that is the end of the San Francisco summer, and then back to the hotel (a tiny room in a tall building) and prep for tomorrow’s offsite. I’m hoping I can sleep, after falling asleep on the plane watching some awful Bruce Willis film (Blind Date) earlier….

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