Checking back in

My old manager came over for drinks on Friday and we demolished a vast amount of beer, cider and gin before sending him tottering three hundred yards up the street to his house, and although I didn’t match him drink for drink and thus wasn’t too hungover on Saturday, the cold and the rain have been getting to me and my natural joy with the world has not been so forthcoming.
It rained more on Saturday (highlights: La Serpiente went up two levels in her swimming class, and I read the whole of Elmore Leonard’s 52 Pick Up) and even more on Sunday, leaving me feeling cold and tired. I shouldn’t complain that hard, because when we went out to see to the homeless I could get in my car and drive home to somewhere warm and dry, rather than a tent in a rain storm.

Anyway, the kids were good this afternoon (La Serpiente came with me and sat in the back of the car) and then equally well behaved in the evening, falling asleep pretty quick. Or did I fall asleep first? Heaven knows. I had a terrible game of Blood Bowl (I lose track of my losing streak this year) and thus to bed.

Did I mention that Frogmorton is now 12 and a half pounds of glorious feline capacity? Vet visit went well…

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