Sevens At The Seaside History


We had a total of ten coaches playing. Due to a snafu with printers, we only had the grand prize available on the day – the trophies are slowly but surely being manufactured for the others.

As always, a good variety of teams and roster choices: 10 different races were represented, and the inducements went the whole way from bribes to bribes to … a keg or two. Maybe we should allow Morg to be induced next year.

Both of us look more dubious in this photo than we really were

Taking first place with High Elves, kainis39

Most TDs went north of the border with a sterling effort by Aarona and his bighatted chorfs

Most casualties from the superbly coached orcs of Squigmire

What’s the rush to get away? The excitement of winning a piece of paper with an insulting comment on it?

Battle of the beards

After taking the most casualties last year, Vick Nice came away with the Pandemonium award after his Skaven were the punching bag for most of the coaches in this event.