Team Build

First, build your team:
You have 600 TV for players and staff (players, apo, coaches and cheerleaders, and rerolls). Any money not spent at this stage is lost and cannot be used in the next stage. A maximum of 4 positional players (players with regular availability less than 12) can be rostered.

Second, inducement stage:
100 TV for inducements, as per p93 of Death Zone. All inducements are permitted, with the exception of wizards, special plays, desperate measures and mercs. (Note that as extra rerolls cost 150k, you *cannot* buy them during the inducement phase). Inducements are selected in advance for the entire tournament and can’t be changed between rounds (with the exception of Bribes in round 3, which are substituted by Potions)

Third: skills:
80k to spend on chosen skills only: primary skills are 20k, secondary skills are 40k. No player can have more than two skills, and no two players can have the same additional skills (no Guard spam, thank you very much!)