Wrap Up

This is partly an aide-memoire for me, but hopefully also helpful for anyone else running tournaments. When you’re getting to the end of a tournament, please remember to thank the following people:

  • The venue
  • The sponsors (if any)
  • The people who supplied the trophies (often I’ve got one of my army of 3d printing aficionados making cool trophies for everyone)
  • Anyone else who helped out on the day (don’t forget people who do things like bring extra pitches)
  • Everyone who came along and participated

Then don’t forget to mention the following:

  • Local leagues that are recruiting
  • Tournaments that are coming up soon
  • The tournament series (if any – in my case, the CULT)

Finally, get onto the prize giving.

This list isn’t here as something to read out in a monotone voice, but I’ve been to tournaments where people didn’t make a list in advance, and you don’t want to feel bad afterwards if you realise you forgot to thank certain people for what they did.