Deconstructing and building

The builders came today and removed some more of the back porch of the house; it now has no roof or lighting, so it’s close to being removed. I had to take a couple of calls today and I liked how they were punctuated by the sound of hammering from outside.
However, today was meant to be a day off where I’d focus on childcare, so I was going between work meetings and taking the girls through drama projects, and then a long walk up to Phinney Ridge to buy more books to read (one for each of them and one for me) before coming back down the hill again. On the way, I read a defence of C S Lewis saying he wasn’t sexist or racist, which didn’t mention the girls having to do the dishes when they go to the Beavers’ house in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and which also seemed to overlook some of the troubling passages in The Horse And His Boy. But then, as a general rule you should avoid agreeing with A N Wilson on pretty much anything.

In the evening, after the girls were asleep I meant to do some more painting, but instead I assembled my goblins. That means I now have six partly painted orcs, and six goblins ready for priming, which isn’t so bad. I might even, with a good run at it, have the team done in time for the tournament I’m going to this weekend, the first time to see other Blood Bowl players face to face in a year.

And then I played a match online and saw my lose rate creep up to 51.1%, after a long while of holding it below 50%. Maybe it makes me stronger…

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