Deepavali 2017

Deepavali means Wednesday was a holiday in Singapore, so we went with the girls to the Botanic Gardens and they whizzed around on their scooters for a while with some friends, and then got tetchy, and screamed at us, and then we went to a cafe and ate vaguely disappointing sandwiches, ok pasta and ever-reliable french fries, before we took the train home.

On the way back, La Serpiente was exhausted and howled with displeasure for about half the journey. The other half she was cute and compliant, and when we got back home she fell asleep for her nap inside of five minutes. Unfortunately I also fell asleep next to her, so I didn’t get to capitalise on the opportunity to do exciting things while she slept.

Except, of course, sleeping is quite exciting.

La Serpiente has a stuffy nose and so spent part of the night sniffling in our room, but mostly trying to interrupt our sleep by breathing heavily in our faces, rank bad breath that smelt like either rotten eggs or cheese depending on the time of the night. You wouldn’t believe that we brush her teeth before bed. Thus I was a little discombobulated all day, and so later when we went to a Halloween party in the afternoon I was groggy and nauseous.

I put it down to not having had enough sugar today, so I fled the party to buy a can of Coke, only to be presented by a malfunctioning point of sale system that interpreted the barcode on a can of Coke as the barcode on a pack of 40 cans, and I wasn’t going to pay that much over the odds. By the time I finally got somebody to charge me the right amount I was quivering and sick, and returning to the party to see my children playing in exemplary fashion was only a slight succour. (La Serpiente went through at least three costumes: kimono, ladybird and mermaid.)

We came home. I ate tacos. We put the kids to bed. La Serpiente breathed at me for some time, then got very upset when I told her to stop doing so. I guess it’s all in the delivery.

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