Desk supplies

This morning I walked the girls to school. And then we walked back home again, because there might be covid and social distancing, but why not have a commute in your day to mark a transition to school time?
Later today, I took La Serpiente out on a bike ride. I let her choose between cookies and doughnuts and I was surprised that she chose cookies. Apparently this was to avoid an uphill ride back home afterwards. We rode along, and discussed radar and superogatory acts, and I hope I spelled that right. My daughter believes a reasonable proportion of your income to give to charity is 50%, god bless her.

As well as that learning, today I learned about installing a monitor mount on my desk. I’d bought this from Amazon, a gas-sprung arm to hold my monitor up, so I could remove the stand.


It takes up about as much space on the desk as the stand did, and it’s not long enough to lift the monitor any higher than it was before, so I don’t think this was a great achievement, but it is slightly more pleasing to look at, and it made me tidy my desk, so there is that.

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