Different flavours of rage

I found Destroyer weeping at three this morning, calling for her mother, who was deep in slumber. I cajoled her back into her bed and cuddled her until she stopped being sad and went to sleep At some point, La Serpiente then woke up and went to sleep in our bed, so when I went back in there, there was no room for me except at the bottom of the mattress. La Serpiente did at least give me a cuddly toy to hold when I woke up at seven, as Destroyer screamed in rage about something downstairs.
I really shoudjy have got out of bed at all today, becausr we had twelve hours of squabbling and weeping. First La Serpiente was dreadful, then Destroyer, then both of them. To be fair, the morning can’t have been very exciting for them, sat at home, and when we finally went out, it was to look at overpriced sofas instead of anything fun. I’d promised La Serpiente that I’d take her climbing, but again, both of them were acting out in the aisles of our local supermarket and my patience had worn thin.

Destroyer sat in the back of the car, making ever more irritating noises with her Barbie doll. La Serpiente snatched or argued over Zhopkins and I fumed at the thought of paying $4000 for a sofa.

Eventually I took La Serpiente climbing. We should have gone swimming, because it’s much closer than the climbing wall, and because La Serpiente spent more time running around than climbing, but at least it separated the two girls, and then managed about 30 seconds of peace and quiet when we returned before starting to fight again

And there just been a loud thump from next door as one of them fell out of bed. I guess I should go investigate…

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