Doing shots in the morning

After a hard night’s drinking, what better thing to do than drive 30 miles south to Tacoma, to line up for a covid vaccination?

We parked the kids with a babysitter and tore off as fast as we could. I was feeling pretty awful without a large breakfast inside me, but the process of lining up and waiting for half an hour to get jabbed with a needle was pleasingly simple. We sat around in the hospital cafeteria for half an hour to see if there were any immediate side effects, and then drove home again.

So far, so good. My left arm is a bit sore at the moment but nothing major. The suffering is meant to come after the second shot, in about two weeks’ time.

Afterwards, a relaxing day. I caught up with a bit of sleep on the sofa, until La Serpiente sat on me and I thought I was about to lose a rib or somesuch. Then we went out for lunch, having Red Mill for the first time in almost a year, and then the girls played happily in the Green Lake playground for a few hours, making new friends and meeting old classmates. The sun shone, I had coffee and food inside me, nothing to complain about.

Tomorrow, I have a swim session at 7:30 in the morning. That could be tough, given I’m up late playing Blood Bowl tonight. Onwards, ever onwards…

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