Don’t rage against the dying of the light

La Serpiente stopped being sick some time around 3 or 4 this morning, having made sure we changed sheets, substituted Toffee Puppy’s doppelpuppy for its stained counterpart, and been through more pyjamas than I believed we had. She slept fitfully until about 6, when she lay down and passed out cold despite the lights being on and the sun coming up. That was when I had to start getting myself ready; I had a phone call at 8 and then hauled myself to the office, feeling deathly. This was one of those days where I didn’t feel I was justifying the oxygen I inhaled, and perhaps I’d picked up some of La Serpiente’s bug as I was queasy most of the afternoon.
Still, she went to sleep admirably quickly, after I read her a book about dinosaurs (her favourite is the pterodactyl) and something more forgettable than either Backhoe Joe or that dreadful Pony Scouts book. I got out before Bedtime Bear had finished singing, and went for a run, my back complaining as I trudged along.

There were lots of other things I tried to do tonight. I tried to buy travel insurance, and gave up after the second website ate my personal details and then threw them away. I installed Allo, Google’s new messaging app, which has predictive messaging. If only they’d do this for video instead of text, they’d have Yes Dear, my wife-ignoring Skype plugin. Well, I can dream.

But tonight is too short. No raging against the dying of the light for me; turn off the bedside lamp and go to sleep.

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