Don’t tease the cat

The stairs down to our basement are covered with cardboard, to protect against any damage from the constant work of the builders. This makes a highly audible noise when the cat walks down them, just like the sound of a human being.

Today, with Frogmorton at the top of the stairs, I thought I’d try an experiment, and so I walked part way down the stairs, to a point where I was invisible to the cat, then started walking in place, simulating the sound of walking downstairs.

I hoped this would entice Froggy to come and investigate. Instead, he ran at full pace to the edge of the stairs, about to hurl himself over the edge, and then slid to a halt when he saw me below him in the target area.

I must remember not to provoke our cat. Between that and persuading him to fall down the chair last night, there’s some kind of pattern emerging here. Disrespect the cat at your risk!

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