Double negative

While I’m galavanting in Chicago, friends of ours are taking care of the girls, and so to ensure everyone is safe and healthy, we got the kids covid tests.

Unfortunately, one of Destroyer’s friends told her the test is painful, and so she was worrying all day about this. When it got round to swabbing her nostrils she burst into tears and didn’t stop quivering for ten minutes.

Which, conveniently enough, is about how long it takes the results to come back. You swab both nostrils, put the swab in a tube of some liquid, wait a minute, then dip a test strip in the liquid and wait a further ten minutes.

If you get a blue line, you’re good. If you get a blue line and a pink line, it’s bad, and if you only get a pink line, things have gone wrong and you need to make your child cry some more by doing another test.

So we waited, and after a few stressful moments, got a single blue line for each child. So we can happily leave our children together for the weekend.

And so, back to making pizza and scheming for the weekend’s tournament…

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