Doughnuts and beyond

Today we drove down to Flour Box, the hyper fashionable doughnut shop south of the city, and queued up. The shop opens at 10 am, and at 8:40 we were second in line.

That sounds ridiculous, but by 10am when the doors opened there were more than a hundred people behind us in the queue, and they’d totally sold out of doughnuts by 11. By then we were home with tiramasu, honey lavender, chocolate orange and strawberry cream brioche doughnuts, all of which were epic, as well as the coffee we had, although I must remember in future to order the Alpine coffee, not the Cabin Fever ( the maple syrup in that drink is just a bit too sweet).

Other people in the queue had thought to bring folding chairs with them, which was a grave omission, as was wearing regular shoes when it was damn freezing outside. Although I managed to work through the rest of the day with some semblance of productivity, I was very, very cold and I’m meant to be resting for tomorrow’s race.

I keep telling myself it’s only a 5k, on a wet and windy morning. I should be telling myself to train more. Let’s see if the last few weeks of intense VR workouts have helped…

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