Early morning shenanigans

Today was La Serpiente’s first day of pre-school activities. That meant dropping her off at the gym at 7:25, which meant getting out of the house at 7:10. Luckily she woke me up at 5 by coming in our bedroom and crawling all over us. Thanks La Serpiente.
I worked from home this morning as I had the architect visiting and I also had meeting after meeting without pause until the afternoon, which was when I rushed into the office and had some more meetings. I didn’t have a chance to eat pizza today, which was good, but there was plenty of other terrible food to eat.

Oh, and then tonight we went to Delancey, a pizza joint near us, so I did eat pizza. It feels like an eternity since I got any exercise, yet I only rode to work on Monday. Baffling.

The children went to bed soon after that, by which point I was almost speechless I was so tired. And so I’m going to bed soon as well, in the hope of getting a good night’s rest before the madness all begins again tomorrow. And the beat goes on…

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