Early start

For our second day of school, I rushed the girls out of the house and then found we arrived too early for them to go in. Some fine tuning on the school run is required …
La Serpiente sprinted to her gate (the girls go in at different entrances, far apart from one another) and then I put Destroyer at hers, and then watched as she got to command a game of "Simon Says", making the other children touch their toes and wave their arms. Then I walked home for another day hiding in my office.

Today I did a work certification, which I didn’t enjoy very much, but which I got a score of 849 out of 1,000, so I suppose I’m good at doing tests, even when I don’t value the testing process. Onwards, ever upwards.

In the evening, after I told the girls a story of a chicken called Guinevere Candyfloss, a piglet named Prancledance Fuffergump, and a turtle named Englebert Humperdinck, I drove down to REI and purchased new goggles for $15. I go swimming again tomorrow – hopefully these ones last a little bit. .

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