Early start

Usually, my dentist deluges me with reminders before each appointment, an avalanche of text messages, but it had been strangely silent about my 7:30 one, so I called ahead as I walked down to check. It’s lucky I did, because they’d lost all record of it, and scrambled to fit me in at 8.

The Invisalign reinstall was a bit uncomfortable but nothing major: there are little "attachments", nubs of some kind of plastic stuck to your teeth for the aligners to leverage, and they had to be ground off and replaced. An hour lying down while somebody uses power tools on your mouth is not as bad as it sounds.

I had the hygienist after that, an appointment I dread because I always need a deep clean, but she oohed and aahed over the cleanliness of my teeth (assiduously brushing and flossing thrice a day has had its benefits) and pronounced me in no need of extra cleaning until next January, so I walked home with a skip in my step.

Or that was the effect of drinking lots of coffee.

Rest of the day was hard due to fatigue, and it didn’t finish until 6:30. And then I had a call at 9, and prep for a call tomorrow at 7:30. So it’s a slog. On to the next great adventure tomorrow! We’ll, on to a 7am wake up, which would be fine if I wasn’t boggle eyed tired at the moment….

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