My wife looked out the window today and remarked on how dark it was. The light was strange: a blue sky, devoid of clouds and yet still everything was overcast. La Serpiente sensed something was wrong and refused to get in the lift, delaying things so that when the doors did close with us inside, the lift went up instead of descending, and we missed the bus to school by a minute. Incensed, I started to walk to school with her, until her protestations grew too loud and I acquiesced, returning to wait at the bus stop for a quarter of an hour. And the sky continued to be dark.

I discovered when I got to work that there had been a solar eclipse. I’m still dumb enough to expect the entire sky to turn black, clouds of locusts to appear, the rivers to run red with blood, etc. Instead of which, it just gets a bit darker than usual. I suppose that’s something.

Aside from there being an eclipse, this wasn’t a very exciting day. I took La Serpiente to school, came home for some calls, then went to the office and worked until almost 8 o’clock, quite upset to get home so late, but still able to read the kids bedtime stories. So there was that. I cheer myself up at the moment by watching episodes of Breaking Bad, which is not a good sign. It’s like when I had my spirits lifted by watching Dawn of the Dead in a cinema in Ashford – if these things can lift your spirits, they must be quite low to begin with. It’s probably because I’m very, very tired and I’m still full of phlegm, producing lumps of green or yellow goop at regular intervals. I must get better. I will get better. I have to go for a run soon. I bought a book, and everything.

But not yet. No, not yet.

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