End of February

Today after work I had my regular climbing lesson, which today consisted of a lot of climbing (as one might expect) and then to round things off a minute and a half of hanging from a pull up bar. And then one of my friends from work turned up and we climbed for another 45 minutes, after which my shoulders are rendered useless and my hands are sore and dry from all the chalk I used to avoid shredding them with the force I was putting through them. So I suppose that’s a success of sorts
Today at work I had to give a training on experimental design, and afterwards somebody came up to me to say how much she’d enjoyed seeing my talk at the University of Oxford. Which was nice, but I’ve never spoken at Oxford so either I lead an amazing double life I’m not even aware of, or I have a doppelganger. The things you learn.

La Serpiente was sick today so I just walked Destroyer to school. We stopped for a babycinno on the way and Destroyer met a small brown toy poodle, who seemed terrified by her. In a hurry to drop her off and get to my training, I had to carry my daughter on my shoulders while also wrestling with my scooter and my backpack. Maybe that’s why I’m so tired right now.

Anyway, we are now two months into the year. I suppose it’s time for me to review my resolutions tomorrow…

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