End of the year / pier show

Every year I sit down and review my resolutions, and this year is no different. Of course, I don’t get round to doing it on New Year’s Eve, because we went for a short (two hour) drive to a cider farm on the Olympic Peninsula, including a ferry ride and a drive across a pontoon bridge that had threatened to be closed because of high winds.
The cider was good, and then we drove into Port Townsend, a very picturesque town on the edge of the Pacific, rainswept but with lovely architecture. We entertained the girls there for a while, with coffee shops and bookshops.

There was torrential rain as well, of course, and then at 3pm I made the ill-advised choice of the scenic route home, a loop all the way down to Olympic and up around Tacoma, getting us home at about 7:30, when I then had to go back out to buy breakfast for tomorrow.

Mostly, until the very end, the kids were spectacularly well behaved. They listened to all of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory on an audio book, and if we hadn’t turned off the sequel just before the Vicious Knids arrived, La Serpiente might not have melted down at all. Or the Knids would have terrified her.

They went down reasonably quickly, weren’t woken up by the fireworks, and then I had three games of Blood Bowl (2 losses and a satisfying draw) to end the year. Tomorrow, we plan 2020…

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