Falling down

It rained this morning and the ground outside our house remained damp, and so most of the afternoon was punctuated by the sounds of weeping children. First Destroyer fell down and bruised her hip, then La Serpiente had a horrible skid which removed most of the skin from her knee, and then Destroyer fell down in the same place for a second time, proving nobody in this family learns from painful experience.
Earlier in the afternoon, we drove to our house and met the lifter, who it turns out my wife watched raise a house a few streets away a couple of years ago. That one was lifted high enough to put in a basement and another storey underneath, whereas we’re not quite that ambitious.

The back garden is now a mess of dirt, bricks and discarded metal piping, although our apple tree is looking great. Again, I’m not quite sure what the house will look like when this is done, but it’s approaching some form of reality.

Other than that, couldn’t get much done today. Blame it on fatigue, or on the weekend, or the rain. I need a good night’s sleep and then to power through tomorrow…

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