Feeling the vacuum

I tried out our new vacuum cleaner this morning, sucking about two pounds of cat hair out of our rug. Despite it being a very quite machine, it still perturbed Frogmorton, who looked at me with some mixture of anger and consternation. La Serpiente tried to comfort him by picking him up, so, as cats generally do, he scratched her face.
Now, on the positive side she was emotionally unscathed by this ingratitude, but she’s now got a scratch by her nose, and she also hasn’t learned that you shouldn’t pick up a cat if it looks upset. So, lose-lose there, I suppose. Although our carpet is a lot cleaner, the cat hair wasn’t visible before I started sucking it off the floor, so, well, I don’t know.

The vacuum cleaner is quite cool though, LG’s Korean answer to the Dyson aesthetician, all shiny silver and black and looking nice, and then looking utterly disgusting once covered in dirt. Story of my life, or something like that.

I fell asleep with Destroyer tonight, the first time that’s happened in ages. But then again, it’s getting cold, yhe nights are drawing in, etc.

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