First Day Back

Finally, almost three months after school ended, it started again, and we got the girls out of the house and off up the street. They were both awake long before the alarm went off, excited at the thought of seeing their friends again. We stopped outside the school gates after they went in, to look at the various puppies people had brought to accompany their children on the first day, and then I headed to the office and my wife went home to contemplate a day without the girls.
I drove to work and had a packed morning, before driving back to pick up La Serpiente for her weekly vision therapy session. After a full day of school she was a bit overloaded and not as cooperative as I’d hoped, and afterwards I had to tell her that this kind of backchat wasn’t really acceptable when dealing with medical practitioners. Oh well. Hopefully next week is better.

Then home, to do more work that I’d missed out on while away from the office, and then helping the girls paint their little squigs while their mother shopped for groceries, and then bedtime, and whoosh … it’s 11:30pm and I haven’t started reading my own bedtime story yet. The days get faster and faster…

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