Freaking out

Today I went to Office Depot and printed out all the coaches’ rosters: this took about twenty minutes because I couldn’t just tell the printer to print every file on my USB drive, I had to select them one by one, print them, and then print the next. But never mind; I got to buy myself coffee and a doughnut afterwards, then head home for a game of Blood Bowl I had scheduled.
That game went ludicrously well: I thought I was going to lose it in the first three turns, and instead with luck at the right time I blew most of the opposition off the pitch (literally, using a goblin flinging bombs at people) and then I went back to driving around collecting prizes for the tournament tomorrow.

While I was at the game store, I saw a copy of the Adeptus Titanicus starter set. This is a super rare box with everything required for the game, which I’d been hunting for quite hopelessly on eBay for the past month or so. So I picked that up as well, and drove home.

Then it was a pause to hang out with the girls for a bit, before they went to have dinner and I got my hair cut. Then an hour of climbing, home to put the girls to bed, and then final checking all the rosters for tomorrow.

Which was when I discovered I had 20 rosters printed and I should have had 22. Cue more panic until I identified, with my wife’s help, the two missing rosters, and then I printed them out on our home printer, a gift we’d just got from our next door neighbours.

The first printed fine, the second the printer decided to scale so small that you’d need a microscope to read it. It didn’t matter how I rotated or cropped it, the printer just kept spitting out smaller and smaller copies.

All this while I was trying to play a other game of Blood Bowl, where I’d told the other coach I needed to finish quickly, and he was going incredibly slowly. I don’t do well with four minute turns at the best of times, but when I’m stressed and tired? I finished losing that one 1-0 when I thought I could have pulled off a draw, and then got in a sulk.

Still, things will probably go fine tomorrow. I have pens, I have pitches, I have results sheets for everyone and a bunch of cool prizes. It’s a bit like organising a party: first you worry not everyone will come, then you worry if they’ll all have fun, and then hopefully afterwards you’re glad you went through all this madness. On, to the very end …

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