Free pizza and tears before bedtime

Our favourite pizza restaurant, Delancey’s, opened up to dine-in again today, after over a year of being closed due to the pandemic. I only found out when I went down there to fetch the girls their weekly pizza, and through some magical turn of events I got the pizza for free. Although that may be the last take out pizza from Delancey’s for a while, if they become submerged under people desperate to eat in a restaurant rather than their own homes…
After eating their free pizza, the girls demanded a film and we ended up watching Wish Dragon, a charming animated movie set in Shanghai, where a young guy working as a deliveryman ends up with an enchanted teapot with a dragon inside that grants wishes.

There’s romance, there’s lots of slapstick, and lots of things to make us reminisce about our time in Asia, and near the end there’s a bit of tension in the plot that had the girls bawling their eyes out.

I read them five chapters of The BFG and then tried to get them to sleep; unsettled, they took until 9pm to stop squeaking and moving around, after which I went out to buy myself a pint of ice cream.

Tomorrow they get their first rollerskating / blading lessons, which unlocks a new set of skills for the pair of them. I’d better start practicing the banjo more often so I can keep up…

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