Fun with electricity

Today we started on the rewiring of the house. Or rather, we peered at the rat’s nest of wires in the current breaker box, and tried to figure out (by tracing cables up through the ceiling and by turning things on and off) which cable powered which thing. We succeeded in turning off the TV, the internet, the microwave, the bathroom fan and a succession of other things, until we only had four or five mysterious cables that we couldn’t determine the destination for.
So that was fun. As well as that we hammered plastic boxes into studs around the basement, trying to determine the optimal locations for them. I then had to go to Home Depot and buy another twelve switch boxes, as we need a lot more than I thought – there are a lot of outlets and light switches that we need to put in place.

Having done that, I figured it was time to get fit, so I went climbing for 45 minutes and then, broken by the exercise, went home and tried to help with some of the interminable washing up. (We haven’t figured out how to reconnect the dishwasher to the power yet, but we’ve only been home for four weeks.)

Onwards. Always, ever onwards.

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