Getting ready

My electrician came round today, so I ran a couple of errands to fetch more circuit breakers, wire, and sundry other things for putting a house together. We’re almost at the point where the wiring is complete, and the HVAC guys can come to play. Then it’s a short step to getting walls up and lights in, and then the major work is done. There’s still a hell of a lot of plumbing, tiling and painting to do, plus the deck and the balcony, but these are great strides.
We let the girls watch the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy movie tonight, and La Serpiente was ready to weep at Marvin’s demise, but luckily the paranoid android cane back from a hole in his head to defeat the Vogons. Which was nice.

Both girls were asleep super fast, giving me the opportunity to lose two games of Blood Bowl while half watching the new Batman movie, which felt like any other Batman movie, but three times as long.

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