Getting too old

I tried playing Cyberpunk 2077 tonight, after getting the kids to bed, and perhaps I’m just not good at playing computer games any more; even on the easy setting, I can’t get through the first level, and just get shot a lot. But it looks very nice.
I had also planned to do some painting tonight but between the video game sucking out most of my brain, and La Serpiente waking up and needing to be coaxed back to sleep, that was most of the evening done.

But it wasn’t a day without achievement. I got my girls’ library cards activated, and then removed the twenty-one children’s books La Serpiente had requested on my library account and added them to hers, so now I can borrow books again, and so can she. Or rather, I can borrow books that aren’t about unicorns, princesses or mice. If I want to, that is.

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